Are you going up?

elevatorElevator Speeches seem to be a must have for almost all networkers. Why?

Let’s look at this, how often do you talk to people you just met in the elevator, is the first question about what they do for a living? Personally, I imagine you are much more likely to stare at the numbers of the floors passing as you go up (or down), focus on your shoes, or play with your SMART phone (a great device that allows us to talk to people even less). As I have shared this thought recently, I have had other people communicate with me that they do talk to people all the time when they get into elevators; it seems, though, that none of those talkative people have gotten into an elevator with me, as I fail to remember the last time I spoke to a stranger in an elevator.

Removing the conversation from the actual elevator, what comes to mind when thinking of elevator speeches? Usually, it is in response to someone inquiring “What do you do?” With an elevator speech, I envision the person taking a huge breath so that they can suck in as much air as possible to then start on a wordy & windy speech about what it is that they think you should know about their business… going for at least 15 seconds, sometimes lasting over a minute! Continue reading

Do you like Rough Toilet Paper???

We grew up hearing the saying “You get what you pay for” but more and more lately I hear people making purchases based solely (or mainly) on price.

If price was the only deciding factor, Angel Soft, Cottenelle, and my favorite, Charmin, would not be some of the best selling toilet paper brands; generic, hard, 1-Ply would be at the top of the charts.
So, if price isn’t everything…

On a major TV talk show a few years ago, there was a Consumer Advisor that recommends that the consumer negotiate when dealing with small businesses, since they are so desperate for business.
While a fair price is just that – FAIR, is it really fair to haggle everyone down?
Imagine if your boss came in to you (whether your current boss or a previous job, or a current client you are working with now) and said, “Look, I know that it’s really hard to find a job out there right now, so how about I pay you just half your salary. It’ll be better that no job at all.”
Would you be happy?

So next time you want to haggle over a price, just to haggle, first ask yourself is the price they are asking FAIR? Think hard!
Are you hoping to get Charmin for the rough toilet paper price?

Punch Buggie

Ever since I have have gotten a Mini Cooper, I am watching out for other Minis!!! They are an AWESOME car… it made me think about this older post! 

Growing up, we all played the Punch Buggie game – where anytime you spotted a VW Bug, you would call it and punch whoever was nearby. This game, depending on the part of the country you live in, has also been called Love Bug, Slug Bug and Beetle Bop.

Last year on the Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, my brother reminded me of this fun game from our youth, and by the end of the walk, both of my biceps were covered in bruises (thanks Robert). This behavior rubbed off, and I cannot help myself now, when I see a Bug, I call it! This is beginning to annoy my husband…
But it got me to thinking – how BRILLIANT is it that we are conditioned to be scoping out every car driving by to see if it’s a BUG? Can we say BUZZ?
After searching the internet, I am still not sure who/what started this game…
but if you are Volkswagen, what do you think about this game and building consumer awareness of your brand?

Getting your Referral Partners TRAINED!

Tiffanie Kellog of the Referral Institute Tampa Bay chats with Dawn Lyons, Partner with Referral Institute, about the 3rd Core Competency of creating success in referral marketing. The 3rd Core Competency is: get your Referral Network trained by experts. When you allow an expert to train your network on your behalf, it results in less work for you. By getting your network trained, both life & business become easier, as well as results in EXPONENTIAL REFERRAL GROWTH.
To learn more about getting your network trained, visit

What are your marketing assets?

In this video, Tiffanie asks for Eddie’s advice on combining networking & fun, how we they be combined so you can do more of both!
Some of your assets, like boat, can be a tremendous asset building relationships. Watch to see a few more asset examples as well as how you can use them!

Secrets to Preparing for BNI Leadership Team Training Success

I first joined BNI in 2005, and I was attending 2 BNI Leadership Team Training & Conferences a year. Once I joined the training team, I was attending a couple trainings per session, in March and September. As we are coming up on BNI Leadership Team training, I am excited to be attending 8 trainings over the next couple of weeks. In support of that, I wanted to share a few secrets I have learned over the years.
GOOD NIGHT SLEEP  -I recommend getting a good night sleep before the training! Being rested will help you be ready to focus and learn.
SNACK – The breakfast at 7:30 is delicious, but I have a hard time waiting to eat again until 12:30; I need a full belly! I need a mid-morning snack to keep me going. I will throw in my bag a bar or piece of fruit, sometimes even a candy bar, to help me stay fueled.
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Arming your Staff to Pass you Referrals

We wanted to bring this back to mind from 2011, as you want to get more referrals in 2015!!!

by Tiffanie Kellog & Julie Arndt

In a recent Certified Networker Program module, from the Referral Institute, we were talking about how you can break your network down into 3 categories, Information, Support, and Referral. Within your referral network, you can receive referrals from eight subcategories, one being your staff. I then had the epiphany (or e-tiffanie, as William Mellas is trying to coin) that I should get with one of the participants, Julie Arndt from Minuteman Press, and we can co-author an article on how to maximize your staff to help you grow your business.
A key consideration in this conversation will be to expand your thinking so that all of your employees could potentially pass you business, not limiting yourself just to the sales staff. You could encourage all your staff to be on the lookout for new clients, including your receptionist, “widget” makers & service people, delivery staff, and the list could go on and on. Why would the employees be motivated to help grow the business? The continued success of the company, and the added value they bring to their role to the organization, ensures a hopeful future for everyone.
Finally, be sure to recognize and reward your staff for bringing you business! Continue reading

No More Christmas Cards…

December is drawing near, and everyone is rushing to get their corporate gifts ordered and their holiday cards personalized. Clients are calling & emailing, “Thread Art, can you help me come up with ideas for holiday gifts?” 
The answer: yes
what are you hoping to accomplish with your gift?
The responses are often client touches, thank yous, and top of mind awareness. December is the #1 month for corporate gifts and cards, so it makes sense to touch you clients as well, right?
WRONG! If you send your gift in December, it will be competing against dozens of others; if you send your cards in December, you will be competing against perhaps hundreds of others. Instead of being one of many, pick an alternative time of year.
You can move in one of two directions; first, you could choose an important date within your company, for example the company’s anniversary. Continue reading

The Appearance of Examiners

The Appearance of Promoters