Do you like Rough Toilet Paper???

We grew up hearing the saying “You get what you pay for” but more and more lately I hear people making purchases based solely (or mainly) on price.

If price was the only deciding factor, Angel Soft, Cottenelle, and my favorite, Charmin, would not be some of the best selling toilet paper brands; generic, hard, 1-Ply would be at the top of the charts.
So, if price isn’t everything…

On a major TV talk show a few years ago, there was a Consumer Advisor that recommends that the consumer negotiate when dealing with small businesses, since they are so desperate for business.
While a fair price is just that – FAIR, is it really fair to haggle everyone down?
Imagine if your boss came in to you (whether your current boss or a previous job, or a current client you are working with now) and said, “Look, I know that it’s really hard to find a job out there right now, so how about I pay you just half your salary. It’ll be better that no job at all.”
Would you be happy?

So next time you want to haggle over a price, just to haggle, first ask yourself is the price they are asking FAIR? Think hard!
Are you hoping to get Charmin for the rough toilet paper price?

The Appearance of Examiners

The Appearance of Promoters

The Appearance of Nurturers

The appearance of Go-Getters

Secrets to Preparing for BNI Leadership Team Training Success

I first joined BNI in 2005, and I was attending 2 BNI Leadership Team Training & Conferences a year. Once I joined the training team, I was attending a couple trainings per session, in March and September. As we are coming up on BNI Leadership Team training, I am excited to be attending 8 trainings over the next couple of weeks. In support of that, I wanted to share a few secrets I have learned over the years.
GOOD NIGHT SLEEP  -I recommend getting a good night sleep before the training! Being rested will help you be ready to focus and learn.
SNACK – The breakfast at 7:30 is delicious, but I have a hard time waiting to eat again until 12:30; I need a full belly! I need a mid-morning snack to keep me going. I will throw in my bag a bar or piece of fruit, sometimes even a candy bar, to help me stay fueled.
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Advising & Advice Seeking

One of the relationship builders we talk about in the Certified Networker Program is ADVISING and ADVICE SEEKING!

The 11th Commandment of Networking a Mixer

There are 10 Commandments of Networking a Mixer, as created by Dr. Ivan Misner… and I hope you have enjoyed the previous posts with those commandments.

I feel there is a 11th Commandment of Networking a Mixer:

Commandment #11: Tag Team Networking

When networking a mixer, attending with a partner can be powerful. During the networking event, you and your partner meet people together. When asked what you do, your network partner responds on your behalf. When someone asks what your partner does, you respond. By having your partner share what you do, it enhances your credibility.  Continue reading

10 Commandments of Networking a Mixer: Commandment #10 – Follow Up with the People You Meet

Follow-Up1You can follow the previous nine commandments religiously, however if you fail to follow up, you are wasting your time!

When there is support that you have offered that requires follow up, do it immediately! Even if you do not offer to follow up, get in contact with the people quickly, as it will show your professionalism and build your credibility. (Follow up does not include adding them to your email newsletter distribution list, unless it was requested.)

What is the best way to follow up? There are three different ways to answer that question: Continue reading

Commandment #9: Write Comments on the Backs of Business Cards You Collect

During a networking event, you have the opportunity to meet a number of new people, and unless you have an eidetic memory, you may have trouble remembering every little detail. By writing notes on the back of business cards, you can ensure that the pertinent information you want to remember are captured in writing. This could include when and where you met them, distinct attributes (very tall or British accent), an ideal referral, offering support & follow up activities you want to make certain happen, etc. Continue reading